DDU – Delivered Duties Unpaid – Import duties & taxes are collected and paid by the customer upon delivery of goods. Customer assumes responsibility of any applicable fees.

Currency – Total cost displayed and charged at checkout is USD. Customers may pay with other currency but be advised that your credit statements may show a different price due to current exchange rates.

Tracking–We offer free delivery with full tracking to North America, European countries, Australia and New Zealand, East and Southeast Asian countries, Most Middle East countries, South American countries .

Unfortunately due to issues with non delivery & lost packages by local post offices we are no longer able to offer full tracking to Africa, some Asia (with exceptions noted above), and central America countries.

U.S.A. 10-15 days
MEXICO 15-25 days
AUSTRALIA 10-15 days
CANADA 10-20 days
NEW ZEALAND 10-15 days
NETHERLANDS 10-15 days
FRANCE 10-15 days
GERMANY 10-15 days
IRELAND 10-15 days
SPAIN 10-15 days
PORTUGAL 10-15 days
SWITZERLAND 10-15 days
BELGIUM 10-15 days
AUSTRIA 10-15 days
DENMARK 10-15 days
HUNGRY 10-15 days
SWEDEN 10-15 days
FINLAND 10-15 days
ITALY 10-15 days
LUXEMBOURG 10-15 days
GREECE 10-15 days
HONG KONG 10-15 days
JAPAN 10-15 days
KOREA 10-15 days
SINGAPORE 10-15 days
THAILAND 10-15 days
MALAYSIA 10-15 days
BRAZIL 15-25 days
REST OF EUROPE 15-25 days
REST OF ASIA 15-25 days
REST OF WORLD 15-25 days